Belarusian President Calls for Negotiations to Settle Ukraine Crisis

In an address to the nation and parliament on March 31, 2023,  Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko declared that negotiations to end the Russo-Ukrainian conflict should begin as soon as possible.

“It is necessary to start the negotiations today, not tomorrow. Today, while it is possible. It is necessary to stop now until an escalation begins,” the Belarusian leader emphasized.

Lukashenko called on  halting the hostilities in Ukraine “without the right of troop movement and regrouping by both sides, without the right to move weapons and ammunition, manpower and equipment.”

The Belarusian strongman noted that in a situation that “the West again tries to use the pause for strengthening its positions by deceit, Russia must employ the entire power of its defense industry and army to prevent the conflict escalation.”

While Lukashenko is an unrepentant authoritarian, he makes sense here. Peace should be the ultimate objective here. Continuing the NATO-led proxy war, will only heighten the chances of a nuclear war breaking out. The only way to avoid such a fate is by stopping military aid to Ukraine and moving towards reaching a settlement in this conflict.

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