Ben Rhodes’ Brother Under Fire For Charlie Rose Cover-Up

The broadcasting world long celebrated Charlie Rose’s talent during his years on publicly-funded PBS television and later CBS News. But a shocking new report shows that 27 different women are accusing Rose of sexual impropriety during his tenure in the television business.

CBS News was warned three different times about Rose’s behavior. That puts CBS News president David Rhodes, brother of Ben Rhodes, squarely in the limelight.

Ben Rhodes was Present Obama’s foreign policy speechwriter, who devised the plan to blame the Benghazi terrorist attack on a YouTube video. Ben Rhodes, who has a Master’s degree in fiction writing from NYU, is the brother of the CBS News chief.

David Rhodes reportedly did everything he could to cover up details of the cover-up before the Washington Post coverage could break.

The Washington Post has now interviewed 107 people for its Charlie Rose coverage and there are 27 accusers.

We found a photo of David Rhodes socializing with Charlie Rose:

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