Ben Shapiro Agrees with ‘March For Our Lives’ Co-Founder: Gun Control is ‘Good Idea’

Neoconservative commentator and Trump opponent Ben Shapiro has shown his complete and utter disdain for the 2nd Amendment in recent days, calling for gun control measures in the wake of this past weekend’s mass shootings.

Shapiro issued his tepid support for “red flag laws” today, which would allow gun confiscations to occur without due process based on an informant system determined by a judge.

Shapiro then chatted with Cameron Lasky, a co-founder of the ‘March For Our Lives’ gun control group, where the two agreed wholeheartedly that gun control is in the answer.

He made note of his support of gun-violence restraining orders (GVROs), which would allow individuals be stripped of their gun rights by the courts in a similar fashion to red flag laws. Shapiro cited David French, a Never Trumper who literally cheerleads for the Democrats these days, as his inspiration for supporting these anti-constitutional policies.

Shapiro wrote in 2018:

Giving the government more legal power to confiscate weaponry or prosecute those who are dangerous means nothing if the government blows every available opportunity.

But we can do more.

David French at National Review suggests an option: gun-violence restraining orders, or GVROs. These would allow family members to apply for an order enabling the legal authorities to temporarily remove guns from those who are deemed to be a significant danger to themselves or others. Furthermore, we should ensure more transparency in the background-check system with regard to mental health records, and we should look to ease the regulations on involuntary commitment of the dangerously mentally ill.

Shapiro has been on the war path against conservatism in recent days, defending Draconian tech censorship against white people and supporting expanded gun control measures while echoing the media-created hysteria about the dangers of white supremacy.

It’s never been more obvious that Shapiro is controlled opposition, working on behalf of the globalists to neutralize legitimate right-wing thought than it is right now.

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