Ben Shapiro Blasts Candace Owens for Standing with Kanye West: ‘I Radically Disagree…She’s Dead Wrong’

The Daily Wire founder Ben Shapiro is criticizing his employee, Blexit founder and conservative superstar Candace Owens, over standing with Kanye West as he has made politically incorrect comments about the Jewish people.

Shapiro, a “former” Never Trumper, said he would not cancel Owens (at least not yet) but “radically” disagrees with her stance in favor of Kanye West.

“What he said is antisemitic. There is no question about it… I do not think it is possible to defend that as not-antisemitism,” he said.

“What she said about Kanye I radically disagree with. I think that she’s dead wrong,” Shapiro added.

Shapiro’s comments can be seen here:

Big League Politics has reported on West being aggressively sanctioned and punished by the financial system after making his controversial remarks:

According to a report by Paul Bois of Breitbart News, J.P Morgan Chase bank has allegedly broken business ties with rapper Kanye West following several controversial statements he made about Jewish people on social media. 

Per the account of conservative media personality Candace Owens, who donned a “White Lives Matter” shirt next to West at a fashion show in Paris on October 3, 2022, she received a notice from J.P. Morgan that informed the rap superstar of their decision to break business ties with him.

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