Ben Shapiro Confidant CONFIRMS She Hired Convicted Child Sex Predator to Build Her News Site

Kassy Dillon, a former Daily Wire contributor and long-time confidant of neocon commentator Ben Shapiro, confirmed in a social media post on Sunday that she hired a sexual predator to help build her conservative blog, Lone Conservative.

Congressional contender and former Lone Conservative and Big League Politics contributor, Peter D’Abrosca exposed Dillon’s hiring practices on Saturday in a Twitter thread. He discovered that John Edgar Rust, a convicted sex predator, had worked in a prominent role for Dillon’s “Lone Conservative” page.

In addition, D’Abrosca discovered that Rust was charged with making racist threats against African-American students on Howard University.

Raw Story reported on Rust’s vicious hate-mongering in 2017:

John Edgar Rust has been arrested making racially-motivated threats against students at the historically-black Howard University in Washington, DC…

Rust made his post during a period of racial unrest at Missouri University.

“I left MU yesterday because I couldn’t put up with it anymore,” Rust wrote in his Facebook post. “I go home to Maryland and what do I see? The same old s***. Turn on the news and it’s always the n***** causing trouble everywhere. So I’ve decided. Any n***** left at Howard University after 10 tomorrow will be the first to go. And any of those cheapskate n***** who try to get out using the metro will regret that choice real fast.”

Rust also claimed that “it’s not murder if they’re black.”

Because he made the post from a Panera Bread in Alexandria, Virginia, Rust was charged with “transmission in interstate commerce of a communication containing threats to injure the person of another” due to the location of Howard. He could be sentenced to up to five years in prison.

D’Abrosca noted that Rust committed child sex crimes and hurled racist threats before he was ever employed by Dillon.

D’Abrosca notes that Rust’s presence in the website’s digital workspace was cloaked while he was working with Lone Conservative.

Dillon was forced to admit the veracity of D’Abrosca’s report, and own up to hiring that this predator. She claimed she was not aware of his sordid past at the time.

D’Abrosca pointed out the disingenuous nature of Dillon’s response:

If Dillon was truly not aware of Rust’s history as a hatemonger and sex predator, it shows tremendous incompetence on her part. Dillon has recently emerged as a cheerleader for Conservative Inc. as they attempt to fend off a grassroots insurgency against “America First” patriots in recent weeks, which is why D’Abrosca believes the story is so important.

“Though I’ve had personal dust-ups with Kassy Dillon, whom I once genuinely respected and worked for before her organization turned into the National Review for dorky college Republicans, and a feeder for ineffectual controlled oppositiom news outlets like Washington Examiner and Daily Caller, this story has far broader implications than personal animus,” D’Abrosca told Big League Politics.

“The America First crowd, which believes in closed borders, limited immigration, and social conservatism – actual conservative values – has been slandered by the likes of Ben Shapiro and his minions like Kassy, who used to work for him at Daily Wire, as morally inferior racists and bigots. How can these people possibly claim the moral high ground when they were knowingly in league with a child sex predator who threatened to kill blacks out of pure racial hatred, and then covered it up for years? They can’t,” D’Abrosca added.

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