Ben Shapiro Defends Director Who Tweeted Thousands of Times about Pedophilia and Child Molestation

After countless tweets were uncovered showing his interest in rape and pedophilia, “Guardians of the Galaxy” director James Gunn was fired from Disney, who called the tweets “indefensible.” But while Disney couldn’t defend his tweets, Gunn found an ally in #NeverTrump loser Ben Shapiro, who quickly jumped to his defense.

In a tweet, Shapiro called Gunn an “a**hole,” but stated that his firing sets a bad precedent and was a mistake.

While Shapiro did call Gunn an “a**hole,” that doesn’t negate the rest of his tweet, and what he was defending. Shapiro claims that these were “old joke tweets,” but they aren’t even close to funny. Gunn depicts violent and indecent acts towards children with zero attempt at humor.

For context, here are just a few of the tweets that Gunn sent, that Shapiro thinks Disney shouldn’t be concerned about (Graphic content below):


Not only did he Tweet about rape and pedophilia, Gunn also likes to make jokes clearly harkening back to the Holocaust. As a Jew, one would think that Shapiro would be more concerned about this.

Any reasonable person will have trouble reading his disturbing tweets, and understand that any reasonable employer has good cause to fire somebody for making them. In other cases Ben Shapiro would agree, but for some reason he was quick to jump to the defense of Gunn. In the case of Roseanne Barr, Shapiro immediately felt the need to make his opinion known, and lo and behold, he felt that her firing was the right decision.

In fact, Shapiro was agreeing with Gunn on Rosanne. Take a look:

One must ask why he felt so differently about Barr than he does about Gunn? They were both fired for similar reasons. One major difference between the two is that Barr is a vocal Trump supporter, while Gunn is a vocal Trump critic. Despite occasional pandering, like when he’s trying to pick up a seat on the Supreme Court, Shapiro is vocally anti-Trump.

Could it be that Shapiro is more likely to jump to the aide of an anti-Trumper than a Trump supporter? Or does he just always want to be a contrarian voice in the conservative movement?

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