Ben Shapiro Defends Smearing President Donald Trump as ‘Alt-Right’ at Speaking Event

Neoconservative commentator Ben Shapiro defended calling President Donald Trump and other popular anti-establishment conservatives “alt-right” during a speech he gave at Boston University on Wednesday night.

A questioner, who Shapiro smeared as a “white nationalist” in his Buzzfeed-esque video title on YouTube, asked Shapiro about a social media post he made in 2016 in which he called people such as Trump, former Congressman Ron Paul, former presidential candidate Pat Buchanan, and author Ann Coulter “alt-right.” Shapiro refused to apologize and stood by his statements.

“Back in 2016, the fact of the matter is people like Ron Paul who has a long history of extremism… If you look at Donald Trump, who I said overtly in 2016 flirted with the alt-right because he did in April and May of 2016, that was a dated tweet,” Shapiro said.

Shapiro noted his happiness over nationalists like former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon being expelled from the administration.

“Donald Trump, thank God, has forcibly expelled many of the people who are alt-right adjacent like Steve Bannon from his administration, which is a very very good thing,” Shapiro said.

The prominent Never Trumper then explained what he means by alt-right, and what he classified President Trump under when he included him on his list of alt-right figures.

“The alt-right is a very specific viewpoint that sees the problem in America as a problem of demographics that suggests that white nationalism is the answer to that problem, that suggests that the problem with immigration is not a problem with culture or assimilation. The problem in America is a problem of what race the people are who are coming into the country,” Shapiro said.

The entirety of Shapiro’s response can be seen here:

Shapiro has a history of making statements against President Trump long after 2016. He continues his work as a Never Trumper, but just does so in a more insidious manner.

He threw President Trump under the bus after the Mueller Report was released clearing him of any Russian collusion:

Shapiro has also pushed leftist talking points about President Trump’s response to the infamous Charlottesville rally in 2017, when the President defended individuals who showed up to protest the removal of Confederate statues.

“What [Trump] did say is that there was good people on both sides of the marches in Charlottesville,” Shapiro said.

Cartoonist Scott Adams has debunked the lies promoted by Shapiro and his leftist cohorts about President Trump.

Shapiro is continuing his well-funded efforts to subvert the Trump movement and defame his enemies with the same terms the Left uses.

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