Ben Shapiro Defends Wall Street Hedge Funds, Claims GameStop Traders are Reinforcing ‘Untruths about the Market’

Neoconservative pundit Ben Shapiro is not enthusiastic about the wild GameStop trading that has been going on over the past couple days.

Shapiro went on his Twitter account to issue a rant in favor of the corporate elite and their rigged Wall Street Ponzi scheme. He wants all of the GameStop traders to stop their shenanigans and let the corporate elite recover.

“Much of the enthusiasm for the GameStop prank is rooted in a fundamental misconception that the stock market is merely a casino. This is untrue,” Shapiro wrote in a tweet.

He defended hedge funds for providing the “proper pricing of assets through aggregation of information, conveyed through transactions.” Shapiro believes that it is harmful to demonize these institutions.

“The GameStop guys believe the market is a casino…and that purely gaming the system is how they make their money. If we all believe that, nobody should invest in the stock market,” he wrote.

Shapiro noted that what the GameStop traders are doing is not illegal, but it betrays free market principles that always seem to favor the ultra rich and powerful.

“What the GameStop guys are doing isn’t illegal, because they’re not lying: they admit GameStop isn’t worth much, they’re just in it for the LOLs and the screwing of the hedge fund guys. Which does make this funny, but also reinforces untruths about the market generally,” he wrote.

“In other words, there is a reason #EatTheRich is trending. The motivating factor here isn’t really hedge fund corruption — if you’re worried about bailouts, as I am, you should be telling the government to stop bailing out financial firms. It’s pure dislike for hedge fund guys,” Shapiro added.

While Shapiro pushes populist conservatives to focus on stopping liberals because that is what his special interest masters want him to promote, Wall Street has consolidated power and lobbied for lockdown policies that have crippled small businesses and the American middle class.

Big League Politics has reported on how Wall Street and China are exploiting COVID-19 mass hysteria to push toward the cashless society enforced with demonic technology:

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, a peculiar war on cash has emerged, including news of a coin shortage that never quite made sense, which has some individuals thinking that the crisis is being exploited to usher in the “cashless society.”

The fake news media on cue has jumped into action to call anyone who expresses this notion a “conspiracy theorist.”

“Coins aren’t being circulated because businesses are closed and sales are down during the pandemic. And the government isn’t pushing the U.S. into a cashless society, either,” the Associated Press declared.

“We rate the claim that a “cashless” society would have zero cash, meaning money would be fully digital, fully traceable and fully controlled PARTLY FALSE as some of the claim was not supported by our research,” the USA Today wrote in their supposed fact check about the cashless society.

However, before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Wall Street banking elites openly bragged about how they pined for a cashless society.

“We want a cashless society,” said Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan last year at Fortune’s Brainstorm Finance conference, explaining that the financial system is “already digitized” and the cashless society is right around the corner.

“The business has moved digitally and it will continue to move that way. It’s just figuring out how to add the value,” he added.

JP Morgan also released a white paper celebrating how Europe is rapidly going cashless, calling the trend a natural progression from paper-based monetary units.

“PayPal and Apple’s publicly reported growth rates suggest that both could potentially be gaining consumer preference and merchant adoption. Digital Wallets directly address consumer security and help push toward a true cashless society,” said Brian Gaynor, Executive Director, Head of Product and Strategy Solutions at J.P. Morgan Merchant Services in Europe.

“For example, PayPal holds my card data centrally and keeps me from having to trust multiple e-commerce sites or apps with my full primary account number. Apple Pay does the same,” he added.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the red menace is leading the way toward a cashless society. China has led the way on smart cities, social credit scores, weaponizing search engines to be tracking devices, and various devious technological innovations meant to crush the spirit of its citizenry.

Once again, Shapiro is showing why he is not an authentic conservative leader. It is time for conservatives to strike back against Wall Street and corporate globalism, not defend a “free market” controlled by a ruthless oligarchy.

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