Ben Shapiro Embarrasses Himself By Groveling for Supreme Court Seat

A known #NeverTrump radio show host and blogger seems to warming up to President Donald J. Trump now that there is a soon-to-be vacant  Supreme Court seat.

Ben Shapiro, lawyer by trade and host of the “Ben Shapiro Show” made the following post on Instagram after learning that Justice Anthony Kennedy would be retiring.

“Mr. President, I’m ready for duty,” the caption reads.

But Shapiro has not always been “ready for duty.” In fact, he was a vehement #NeverTrump obstructionist during the 2016 presidential campaign.

One of the reasons Shapiro did not support Trump? He did not think Trump would make wise Supreme Court appointments. Surely, Hillary Clinton would have done much better.

“In the absence of a serious foreign policy and economic plan not involving massive tariffs – and in the absence of a rational and decent candidate – pro-Trump advocates have fallen back on the one argument and one argument only; he’ll be better for the Supreme Court,” Shapiro wrote in August 2016 in a post called “No, Trump Isn’t Going to Save the Supreme Court.

After a longwinded Hugh Hewitt-sourced argument (always a solid conservative to consult on such matters), Shapiro concluded by saying the following:

“So no, Trump won’t appoint a conservative Supreme Court justice. This is the reality-based position. But in the fantasy world where polls don’t matter, Senate procedures don’t matter, and Mitch McConnell is a fire-breathing fighter on behalf of conservatism, sure, everything will be fine.”

In light of this awful take, it’s probably best that Shapiro take of the judge’s robe, sit back down behind his desk, and continue being wrong. Trump will find a real conservative to fill the Supreme Court vacancy.

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