Ben Shapiro Protects Gay Agenda by Pushing Christian Writer Out of The Federalist

Popular conservative commentator D.C. McAllister learned the hard way about how Conservative Inc. enforces political correctness as strictly as the Democrats after she was pushed out of The Federalist following a colorful exchange with a far-left, pro-refugee homosexual.

HuffPost contributor Yashar Ali posted a whining tweet after he got his feelings hurt by McAllister, prompting the leftist jackals to form a digital lynch mob against the Christian conservative:

McAllister was initially defiant, vowing that she was not going to back down from the harassment and bullying from the Orwellian witch hunt targeting her and her livelihood:

McAllister learned quickly that her Conservative Inc. employers did not share her resolve. Ben Domenech, publisher of The Federalist, quickly announced that he was folding to his opposition. Domenech, who is literally married to the late John McCain’s talentless liberal daughter Meghan, announced in a tweet that McAllister was done at the publication.

McAllister, in a since-deleted Tweet, pinned Ben Shapiro, the two-faced ‘Never Trump’ gatekeeper, as the culprit who forced her out of The Federalist to appease the Democrats and the homosexual community.

This is a familiar pattern of Shapiro, who is always careful to follow directives laid out by his fake news masters. He was instrumental in the conspiracy to derail Judge Roy Moore’s US Senate bid in 2017, where Shapiro’s agitation was ultimately successful in putting a baby-killing Democrat into federal office instead.

Shapiro also piled on the Covington Catholic kids, before flip-flopping, and never acknowledging the fact that he joined in the racist, anti-white crusade against the Christian students.

McAllister initially protested being pushed out of The Federalist for sparring with the far-left Democrats, something that Donald Trump does everyday, just because it may hurt the bottom line of the globalist corporate interests behind Conservative Inc.

But, like most others, she was quickly brought to heel by Conservative Inc. and the incredible money behind it. In order to avoid being blackballed, she posted groveling tweets and even bowed to Shapiro in fealty.

While the official conservative movement bends over backward to kowtow to the LGBT agenda, they are mainstreaming the sexualization of children and grooming them in the public square for induction into their perverse lifestyle.

The defense of sexual deviants and perverts is not new for Ben Shapiro.

Shapiro recently defended prolific pedo-tweeter James Gunn, leaving many formerly hoodwinked conservatives shaking their heads about the Daily Wire editor.

Still, Shapiro’s true motivation for continuing to defend homosexuals and pedophilia-inclined Hollywood directors remains a dark secret, hidden in the closet.

Whatever the reason, McAllister had to be shamed, apparently, per Shapiro, and had to apologize to the homosexuals she offended.

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