Ben Shapiro Rips Off Ann Coulter’s Tweet, Wusses It Up

Ann Coulter, Twitter Avi

In the spirit of Independence Day, #NeverTrump political commentator Ben Shapiro appears to have ripped of a Tweet made by a true American patriot, and conservative hero, Ann Coulter. The Tweet was in response to U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) who cited the fact that eight immigrants signed the Declaration of Independence.

In response, Ann Coulter correctly pointed out that while eight were immigrants, they were all British or Dutch, coming from the same countries that all the other signers came from. It was clearly a witty attack on Harris, who was almost certainly using the eight immigrant signers to support her pro-illegal immigration agenda. It doesn’t matter to her that none of the signers came from Mexico or South America, which are the main counties involved in the modern immigration debate in the United States.

Presumably after seeing Coutler’s Tweet, Ben Shapiro saw his moment to shine, rewording the Tweet made by Coulter, but weakening the message by not directly stating the fact that the eight immigrant signers fit the exact demographic mold of the United States in 1776.

While there is no way to confirm that Shapiro did in fact rip of Ann Coulter, it can be assumed when a few very simple factors are taken into account. First, Shapiro follows Ann Coulter on Twitter, but does not follow Sen. Harris. Second, Shapiro’s Tweet came just 30 minutes after Coulter’s, making it extremely likely that her Tweet was his inspiration.

Of course, Shapiro made Coulter’s tweet a lamer version. Benji removed the entire message behind Coulter’s tweet: America has a history of LEGAL European immigrants, not ILLEGAL immigrants from third world countries.

Ben Shapiro seems to have simply been looking for something profound to say on Twitter. As somebody with very little profound to say himself, who makes the majority of his arguments based off of bumper stickers he has read, Coulter is a good source of profound content. She has long been a leading voice against illegal immigration for many years, and unlike Shapiro, she actually voted for President Donald Trump.

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