Benjamin Netanyahu Pulls Out of Speech in Tel Aviv Due to Fear of Demonstrations

Towards the end of April, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu canceled a scheduled speech the Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) sponsored in Tel Aviv following reports that attendees and other individuals planned to protest the prime minister’s appearance.

The protesters had plans to block roads, heckle, and don black T-shirts that declare “democracy” in Hebrew to manifest their opposition to Netanyahu’s ‘judicial reforms’.

Protest organizers claimed in a statement they suspected the cancellation of Netanyahu’s April 30, 2023 speech was a ruse and would not impact their protest plans.

Without providing any explanation, the JFNA said that Netanyahu had “informed us that he is not able to appear.”

In a message to the speech participants, the event organizers added that they look forward to hearing  President Isaac Herzog’s speech on April 30.

Herzog has urged Netanyahu and his allies to reverse course on their judicial reforms that have kicked off massive street protests across Israel over the last few months. 

The Netanyahu regime is facing some tough challenges. As Israel becomes more right-wing nationalist, the country will pursue more controversial domestic policies that will alienate even further from the rest of the Middle East and the Collective West. Such dynamics could compel Israel to look eastward and align itself with prominent Eurasian actors or at least pursue warmer relations with them

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