Berkeley Police Lets Transgender Predator Walk Free After Seeking Sexual Encounter with 1-Year-Old

A transgender predator caught in a sting operation after soliciting sex from a 1-year-old baby was set free by Berkeley law enforcement who have yet to press charges.

The alleged LGBT pedophile, Sophia Westfall, a severely mentally-ill man who masquerades as a woman, was caught in a sting by the Predator Poachers group.

The video can be seen here:

Westfall talked to a decoy posing as a 9-year-old girl on various online messaging platforms. The predator expressed a desire to have sexual contact with the child.

“I’m thinking of other things too, but maybe tickles too,” Westfall wrote in one message to who he believed was a 9-year-old girl, “Kisses and touches all over. Kisses between your legs especially!”

When the decoy said they had a 6-year-old sister, Westfall stated that “well, you know I love young girls. I’m just excited thinking how fun it could be to play in bed with both of you!”

After the decoy claimed she also had a 1-year-old sibling who was “probably too young” for any sexual behavior, Westfall responded: “That doesn’t bother me. Never too young to start learning!”

Westfall also explicitly explained to the decoy how to pleasure him sexually after they met in messages in a Telegram chat. The Predator Poachers had printed off all of this evidence while confronting Westfall and reported it to law enforcement, but the police did not seem to care.

The cops let Westfall walk without detaining him, and he has still not been charged. The leader of Predator Poachers, Alex Rosen, was shocked at the derelict behavior by the police.

“Based on what we showed them … It should have been an instant arrest. Especially with the lewd [images] he had sent. I have never had a predator who was trying to molest a 1-year-old, and unfortunately there have been a few, that was not arrested on the spot.” Rosen said to Reduxx. “[Police] said they needed to gather more evidence and check with the District Attorney. But a place like Berkeley, like New York City, they are known for not locking up criminals.”

“I was well-aware that I was doing this catch in Berkeley, and I knew what that meant for cop response. But I thought even then… this is just too bad that cops are going to make an arrest. I was that confident. Especially with [the suspect] sending my decoy child sexual abuse material. But I was wrong, sadly,” he added.

Rosen said that the cops were more concerned about his so-called misgendering of Westfall than they were over his attempted predations.

It will only be a matter of time before people like Westfall are celebrated by society for wanting to prey upon children if the LGBT agenda is successful. This is what drag queen story hour, transgender child indoctrination and showing porno books to kids in school are all about.

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