Bernie Dominates Iowa Among Latinos Rooting for Open Borders and ‘Free’ Healthcare

Although Iowa is generally not seen as diverse to Democrats, one city, West Liberty, stands out.

The school district in this city is one of the few with a majority minority population. According to the Iowa Department of Education, 55 percent of public school students were Hispanic.

For two residents of West Liberty, Sylvia Gutierrez and her boyfriend, Kevin Fernandez, immigration is a major issue, among others, that got them to support Sanders.

“I like his health care plan and his immigration plan,” Fernandez, expressing his discontent with how migrant families at the Mexico border have been treated. “We’re a big country, we should be able to help people out.”

142 people were in attendance at the caucus precinct in the West Liberty Community Center, where Sanders was able to pick up five delegates.

According to The Gazette, “Sanders had the clear bulk of support from the Latino community in the room, many of them caucusing for the first time.”

California Assembly member Ash Kalra sang praise about Sanders’ strong Hispanic support in Iowa.

He tweeted, “In a mostly Latino caucus site with 185 voters, “@berniesanders wins 94% of the vote! Here’s the Sanders precinct captain going through the process of selecting the 9 delegates for the campaign they have earned with the big win. ¡Sí se puede! #NotMeUs #UnidosConBernie

Based on multiple decades of voting trends, it is no surprise why Hispanics are gravitating toward Sanders, the most economically progressive of all candidates.

Many of the post-1965 Immigration Act migrants hail from countries with notorious levels of corruption and are largely acclimated to despotism and government overreach. A candidate like Sanders fits their voter profile almost perfectly.

For that reason, Trump must put severe forms of immigration restriction in place in order to prevent the U.S. from importing a new electorate that could radically transform American institutions.

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