Bernie Sanders DOMINATES Muslim Majority Precinct Who Used ‘Translators’ During Caucus

Om Monday, January 3, 2020, over 140 people were packed into the Bosnian Islamic Center Zen Zen in northern Des Moines, Iowa.

They were gathered for the Iowa caucuses in overwhelming support of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

This caucus was catered to immigrants and non-English speakers.

The Des Moines Register reported that the caucus room “was almost exclusively non-white.”

Sanders received 129 of 142 supporters after the first alignment. One more person supported him in the second and final alignment.

Former Vice President Joe Biden and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren were not able to reach the 15% viability threshold.

The attendees consisted of non-English speakers and immigrants.

In fact, one of the observers complained when the caucus started only in English.

“How can they vote when they don’t know their language?” the woman commented. “This is wrong. You need to speak to them in their language.”

Zlatka Kendic, the caucus chair, praised the caucus for its diversity, which included people from Bosnia and Bhutan or of Mexican or Asian descent.

The caucus took place at a mosque, so attendees had to remove their shoes before entering.

“The mosque is considered your home, so it’s important: You wear your shoes outside where it’s dirty, so when you come into your home, you’re supposed to take your shoes off out of that respect,” Kendic, a Bosnian native, said.

Hari Pokhrel, a native of Bhutan, said she liked Sanders’ “Medicare for All” healthcare plan and debt-free college.

“I want to vote for Bernie Sanders because (of) ‘Medicare for All’ and college for all,” the 34-year-old said.

Natasha Fernandez-Silber, a volunteer with the Sanders campaign, claimed that the results from this caucus disproved the “Bernie bro” stereotype. This refers to the common perception that Sanders only gets support from white men.

“We have the most working-class base, we have the most diverse base. We obviously have the most enthusiastic supporters,” she said.

Indeed, Sanders’ dominance is to be expected given the voting trends of migrants.

It’s no secret that the post-1965 Immigration Act migrant wave is basically a solid voting bloc for the Democrat Party.

Sanders is very likely aware of this.

While mass migration makes for great electoral politics in the Democrat Party, the social outcomes are a whole different story. From depressed wages to decreasing social trust, mass migration is a major burden for America.

Donald Trump was elected to push back against the mass migration trends of the last 50 years. It’s imperative that he slow down immigration.

If not, the Republican Party risks becoming irrelevant at the national level and the very fabric of the American nation could potentially be ripped apart thanks to multiple decades of uncontrolled migration.

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