Bernie Sanders Set to Cruise to Nevada Caucuses Victory With 19-Point Lead in Poll

Bernie Sanders appears largely set for a big victory in this week’s Nevada caucuses, with polls suggesting the democratic socialist could win by a whopping margin of up to 19 percentage points.

Monday’s poll from Data for Progress revealed that Bernie Sanders holds a dominant lead of 35% in the state, which is third to vote in the Democratic primary process. Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg follow in a distant second and third with 16 and 15 percent.

More polling shows Sanders with a statistically significant lead, making it all but certain that the Vermont Senator will win the Nevada caucuses, which will occur on Saturday.

Staff for other Democratic candidates are already admitting that their battle in the western state will be for second place.

A big Sanders victory could heighten fears of his nomination among the Democratic establishment, who staunchly oppose Sanders’ left-wing vision for the Democratic Party.

A Sanders victory in South Carolina, the next state to vote, could all but wrap up the Democratic primary and send Sanders on an easy path to the nomination. Joe Biden, once the undisputed front-runner, will be hard-pressed to drop out if he fails to secure a victory in the southern state, long thought of as a redoubt for his struggling campaign.

Mike Bloomberg, an authoritarian oligarch attempting to buy the election through unprecedented campaign spending, remains a dark horse for the nomination, but the strength of his candidacy remains unverified until he actually competes on the ballot in upcoming Super Tuesday states.

Donald Trump’s re-election campaign may shift gears in preparing to face off against Sanders in a general election sooner rather than letter if he wins big in Nevada and secures a strong first or second place finish in South Carolina.

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