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Campaign 2020

Bernie Sanders Slights His Own #NeverBiden Campaign Press Secretary

Brianna Joy Gray won’t be supporting Joe Biden.



Bernie Sanders seemed to slight his own campaign press secretary when discussing progressives who decline to endorse Joe Biden while speaking to the Associated Press on Tuesday.

Sanders was asked about his former campaign press secretary, Briahna Joy Gray, who has declined to endorse Biden. He merely said that Gray “is my former press secretary — not on the payroll.” Sanders had also scolded his supporters who intend to decline to support Biden, claiming they’re “irresponsible.” Many Sanders supporters feel as if Biden lacks a real progressive policy platform, choosing not to support policies such as Medicare for All and a wealth tax.

Gray was one of Sanders’ most prominent campaign officials on Twitter during the 2020 primary. She announced shortly after Sanders dropped out of the race that she would not be endorsing Joe Biden, diverging from Sanders himself, who bent the knee to the presumptive Democratic nominee in an endorsement on Tuesday.

Gray became a target for stringent ‘Vote Blue’ neoliberal Democrats after rebuffing demands that she endorse Biden. It appears Bernie is unwilling to defend his former campaign press secretary’s right to support political candidates of her choice, despite Gray’s loyalty to the Vermont democratic socialist.

Gray has predicted that the Democratic Party establishment will seek to replace Joe Biden at the convention or earlier. There’s reason to believe she is even more critical of Biden than her former candidate ever was, willing to ask questions about the veracity of Tara Reade’s sexual assault allegation against Biden and bring up his increasingly obvious cognitive decline.

Perhaps if Sanders had been willing to fight back against the establishment in the same fashion his supporters are, his recent humbling endorsement of the has-run Democratic nominee might’ve been the other way around.

Campaign 2020

WATCH: Joe Biden Waves to Absolutely No One As He Disembarks Private Plane in Florida

Who is he waving to?



Joe Biden appeared to wave to absolutely no one as he walked off the stairway to a private jet in Florida earlier this week.

Watch for yourself:

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Who could he possibly be waving to?

Biden doesn’t have millions of energetic supporters who will arrive at the airport to greet him, unlike President Trump. The Democratic nominee was arriving in Tampa, Florida, for a few scripted campaign events in the swing state where new polling reveals he’s losing the Hispanic demographic to President Trump, an unprecedented demographic swing in the recent history of the state’s elections.

There appear to be a few airport employees in the distance, but they seem to be facing the other way.

Biden’s campaign team called a ‘lid’ on his day of active campaigning on Saturday… at the ripe hour of 8:35 in the morning.

This is quite concerning. A President should be cognitively sharp and acutely aware of his surroundings. Biden’s latest gaffe appears to do little more than raise even more questions about his mental acuity.


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