Bernie Sanders Supporters Spread Pro-Murder #GUILLOTINE2020 Hashtag Following Campaign Suspension

Following news of socialist hero Bernie Sanders suspending his campaign for the Democrat nomination for President, some of his most extreme supporters made their voices heard with explicit calls for violence.

As soon as the announcement was made via live-stream, a dedicated segment of his supporters began using the hashtag #GUILLOTINE2020, seemingly advocating for using guillotines to behead their political enemies.

These sort of posts, which some on the left attempt to downplay by claiming they are nothing more than jokes, have been showing up increasingly in recent years.

Far-left “journalist” Kim Kelly, who was fired from both Vice News and NPR for her extremism, wrote in Teen Vogue about the phenomena around this sort of fetishization of the guillotine, where she acknowledges that many are not joking in their posts:

“On social media, a tone-deaf tweet or Facebook post from any wealthy CEO or out-of-touch politician is invariably met with a sea of guillotine gifs, calls for retribution against predatory billionaires, or otherwise vitriolic responses from people with guillotine in their usernames — and it feels less and less like they’re joking.”

Kelly herself admits to having a guillotine tattoo, and if her writing is any indication, she likely wouldn’t hesitate to use one on her perceived political enemies. She has previously celebrated a militant Antifa cell after one of their members attempted to firebomb an ICE facility in Tacoma, WA. Kelly also created a guide on throwing milkshakes at those she perceives to be fascists while writing for VICE. Of course, the practice of “milkshaking” got world-wide attention following the brutal beating of independent journalist Andy Ngo, which involved the throwing of milkshakes.

Needless to say, the next few months could get extremely violent as supporters of Bernie Sanders continue to let their true intentions know. As Project Veritas exposed, these far-left views are even prevalent in Sander’s campaign, with one paid staffer stating, “Guillotine the rich” while on undercover video.

Even senior Sanders staff are making their more extreme views known, with his national Press Secretary Briahna Joy Gray admitting that the “Democratic” prefix in Democrat Socialism means nothing.

Big League Politics will continue to track this story and update it as necessary.


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