Bernie Sanders: US Coronavirus Deaths May Be Higher Than WWII Casualties

Bernie Sanders suggested that the casualties inflicted by the coronavirus pandemic could outpace some of the most drastic predictions during a press conference on Thursday, stating that it could be possible coronavirus would kill more people than servicemembers of the armed forces who were killed in World War II.

We have to face the truth… And that is, that the number of casualties may actually be higher than what the armed forces experienced in World War II.

To put matters into perspective, just over 400,000 Americans died fighting in World War II. The conflict’s casualties were only outpaced by the Civil War in total death count.

China- ground zero for the virus- has had over 133,000 diagnoses of the virus with almost 5,000 deaths as of Thursday. Deaths in China from the virus are already steadily declining, as they are in South Korea, the second-hardest hit country by the disease.

For the United States to suffer more casualties from the coronavirus than from World War II, our casualty and diagnosis rate would have to outpace that of China by an order of magnitude.

Certainly coronavirus is deadly serious. It could plausibly outpace the casualty rate of an event such as 9/11, for example. But stating that it’s going to take more lives than World War II combat casualties did outpaces even the most drastic predictions.

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