Best Reporting of 2017: Laura Loomer On Las Vegas

Laura Loomer

Laura Loomer, 24, is a former Project Veritas operative who took lead on some of the James O’Keefe group’s most interesting projects in recent years. She was, however, completely unknown to the public until the year 2017. Now, Loomer has 113,000 Twitter followers and is a national force in investigative journalism.

How did this happen? It started, more or less, when she rushed the stage at the Shakespeare in the Park production of “Julius Caesar” in Central Park, which was all about liberals fetishizing the killing of a President Trump-type character. Some people called it a publicity stunt. Correct. After gaining the publicity from her stunt, she started knocking out some of the most relevant journalism of the year.

The official story on the Las Vegas shooting was clearly bogus, as evidenced by the friction between the Las Vegas police department and the FBI, who big-footed the local cops in taking over the case and shutting down the flow of information to the public. Why did ISIS claim credit for the attack? Why did only two amateur photographs of Stephen Paddock ever come out? Why did he allegedly rent properties all over the Las Vegas area?

The mark of good alternative journalism — the trick of it, so to speak — is to zone in on narratives before the rest of the media, get information out to as many people as possible, and create enough of a movement among readers that official authorities and even the TV networks have no choice but to catch up. This is where we still are as a business, marginalized by the corporatist globalism of basically every single media outlet’s faceless parent company.

Loomer, trained by O’Keefe, understands the game, and she plays it well. On Las Vegas, she proved (from an exclusively-obtained hotel employee video) that other bodies existed on the floor of the casino, and thus everybody was not merely shot out of the window of the Mandalay Bay.

That narrative was confirmed when other videos came out showing bodies being carted out of a nearby Hooter’s, and videos of armed law enforcement officers pacing around the casino floor.

Sources have confirmed to Big League Politics that hotel guests were forced to stay in their rooms by law enforcement, indicating a manhunt for at-large suspects who were obviously not the late Stephen Paddock.

Conspiracy theory? Look at this. Big League Politics reported:

“The Las Vegas Police Department and federal law enforcement agencies are looking into the possible involvement of terror arms dealing in the Mandalay Bay shooting case.

The FBI initially ruled out Stephen Paddock’s possible connection to ISIS when the terror caliphate claimed credit for his actions, but Las Vegas Police Department officials persisted in investigating every avenue. Federal law enforcement sources in the executive branch now believe in an arms-dealing connection.”

Laura Loomer is, quite clearly, one of the best reporters in the country, and probably the most talented reporter on the side of the conservative movement that doesn’t talk about how much they want to go pheasant hunting with Paul Ryan. And I say this in my capacity as one of the greatest alternative reporters of all time.

One young woman exposed that the federal law enforcement agencies actively deceived the American people, apparently in an effort to save themselves from embarrassment about the fact that ISIS made one of their own guys a patsy and escaped. Shouldn’t the mainstream media be praising this female-empowerment icon?

Imagine being a Deep State guy trying to cover up this atrocity. Now imagine being Loomer’ed by this delightfully eccentric young person. That’s what just happened.

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