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Beto O’Rourke Says Israel Elected ‘Racist’ Prime Minister, Claims ‘Arabs Coming to the Polls’ Can Depose Netanyahu

Former Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke is letting his dangerous views about Israel be known and demonstrating that he isn’t qualified to be US President.



Former Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D) is meddling in the Israeli elections scheduled to take place tomorrow. The 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful chided the state of Israel on Sunday for electing “a prime minister who is racist” in Benjamin Netanyahu but believes that “Arabs coming to the polls” can help remedy the situation.

“The US-Israel relationship is one of the most important relationships that we have on the planet, and that relationship, if it is successful, must transcend partisanship in the United States, and it must be able to transcend a prime minister who is racist, as he warns against Arabs coming to the polls, who wants to defy any prospect for peace as he threatens to annex the West Bank, and who has sided with a far-right racist party in order to maintain his hold on power,” O’Rourke said.

O’Rourke is criticizing Netanyahu for his close association with the Otzma Yehudit party, called by Western globalists as racist for opposing leftist multiculturalism and diversity initiatives in Israel.

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The Israeli PM has been demonized by the Left as well for mingling with populist right-wing leaders throughout the globe and lending them credibility – including Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil, Matteo Salvini of Italy, Viktor Orban of Hungary, and, of course, US President Donald J. Trump.

O’Rourke clearly received his Soros marching orders to bash Netanyahu days before an election that polls are showing as too close to call. Based on the definition set by Democrats during FBI spook Robert Mueller’s Russian collusion probe, Beto’s blustering could be considered a form of foreign electoral collusion.

“We must be able to transcend his current leadership to make sure that the alliance is strong, that we continue to push for and settle for nothing less than a two-state solution, because that is the best opportunity for peace for the people of Israel and the people of Palestine,” O’Rourke said.

While O’Rourke hopes his words sway public opinion in Israel, it is President Donald Trump who is likely to have the real impact as he rallies around Netanyahu in the final hours before the Apr. 9 vote.

Trump is firmly in Netanyahu’s corner as he is besieged by a deep state conspiracy similiar to what Trump has experienced in the US. Rogue elements within the Israeli government have colluded with the fake news to hit Netanyahu with pending charges times to hurt his re-election chances.

“They don’t want to just take me down, they want to take us all down. They know that they can’t beat us at the ballots, so they are trying to circumvent democracy and topple us in other ways,” Netanyahu said in 2017 as the investigations against him were beginning.

“We know that the left and the media — and we know that it’s the same thing — is on an unprecedented hunt against me and my family to bring down the government. They are putting unrelenting pressure on the legal system in order for them to present an indictment without any proof,” Netanyahu added.

O’Rourke, along with the rest of the organized globalist Left throughout the world, is hoping that Netanyahu goes down tomorrow. It will not be easy to knock Netanyahu off though, as the skilled political veteran hopes to become the longest reigning Israeli PM in history.

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Pope Francis Derides Anti-Lockdown Protests, Claims They Lack ‘Healthy Indignation’ of ANTIFA/BLM Looters

The pedo-protecting pontiff hates individual freedom.



As COVID-19 lockdowns continue to ramp up, people are taking to the streets to demand their freedom, and the globalist Pope Francis is not happy about it.

Francis is complaining that the individuals who are having their livelihoods destroyed by the lockdowns lack the “healthy indignation” of leftist rioters who burned down whole cities in the aftermath of the drug-related death of crackhead serial felon George Floyd.

“Some groups protested, refusing to keep their distance, marching against travel restrictions — as if measures that governments must impose for the good of their people constitute some kind of political assault on autonomy or personal freedom!” Francis wrote in a new book.

Francis wrote some bleeding-heart gobbeldygook supported with no evidence to justify his crusade against individual freedom in the West.

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“You’ll never find such people protesting the death of George Floyd, or joining a demonstration because there are shantytowns where children lack water or education, or because there are whole families who have lost their income,” he continued.

“On such matters they would never protest; they are incapable of moving outside of their own little world of interests,” Francis added.

Big League Politics has reported on the sainthood of George Floyd in the Catholic Church, as diversity and multiculturalism establish idiocracy in Western Civilization:

Disgusting video has emerged of a Catholic priest worshiping serial felon drug addict George Floyd and other felons whose lives came to an end after resisting police during mass over the weekend.

“Do you support racial justice, equity and compassion in human relations? Yes. Do you affirm that white privilege is unfair and harmful to those who have it and those who do not? Yes,” the priest said as his flock chanted mindlessly with him.

The priest has been identified as Father Kenneth Boller, and he was giving his sermon at St. Xavier Catholic Church in New York City on Sunday. Boller was forced to address a sex scandal in 2019 after some of his fellow Jesuits were revealed to be raping young boys.

“Do you affirm that white privilege and the culture of white supremacy must be dismantled where it is present? Yes. Do you support racial equity, justice and liberation for every person? Yes. Do you affirm the inherent worth and dignity of every person? Yes,” Boller continued.

“Therefore, from this day forward, will you strive to understand more deeply the injustice and suffering white privilege and white supremacy caused? Yes. Will you commit to help transform our church culture to one that is actively engaged in seeking racial justice and equity for everyone? Yes,” he added.

Pope Francis, who reportedly harbored child rapist priests despite widespread knowledge of their pedophilia, supports globalism because the globalists will never hold him or his church accountable for the thousands of children they have systemically victimized.

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