Beto O’Rourke to Black Student: Illegals Needed to Pick Cotton

A truly incredible video posted from a Texas town hall Wednesday night shows Senate candidate Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke telling a black student that America needs illegal alien laborers to work cotton gin, comparing their work to slave labor.

“My question is, do you support granting citizenship and American-paid benefits to illegal aliens who violated our country to come here, who fly their foreign flags here, who have citizenship in their countries and whose families did absolutely not build this country, while black people are subject to things that you explained before? You can answer yes or no, please,” a black student asked O’Rourke.

After the typical pseudo-intellectual leftist song and dance about America being a “nation of immigrants,” and everyone coming to America in a “different ship,” O’Rourke finally got to the meat and potatoes of his answer. (So much for that “yes” or “no”).

“I mentioned going to the high school in Roscoe, I also went to the cotton gin in Roscoe,” he said. “And at that cotton gin, there are 24 jobs and the manager of that gin says it does not matter the wages that I pay or the number of hours that we set … no one born in Roscoe … or Texas or this country who is willing to work. But there are immigrants who are coming from Central America or Mexico or other parts of the world to Roscoe to work these jobs and to help build our economy.”

In summation, America needs illegals for slave labor according to O’Rourke. Otherwise our economy will not survive.  Forget the black Americans – like the student who asked the very poignant question – who are disproportionately affected by illegal alien labor.

Finally, a politician willing to admit one of the true motives for open borders.



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