BETRAYAL: Texas Governor Flirts with Regulating Private Gun Sales

The AP reported last Thursday that Texas Governor Greg Abbott voiced concerns about private firearms sales but made no commitment to crack down on them or enact control measures following a meeting on ways to prevent future mass shootings such as the recent El Paso massacre.

Abbott stated that Texas would closely examine gun laws and other safety measures before the Texas State Legislature convenes in 2021.

Monitoring private gun sales were among the list of ideas that Abbott floated after coming out of a closed-door meeting about the El Paso tragedy with elected officials, police, and representatives from Big Tech companies such as Google, Facebook and Twitter.

Abbott stated, “Right now there is nothing in law that would prevent one stranger from selling a gun to a terrorist, and obviously that’s a danger that needs to be looked into.”

The Texas Governor provided no details about how Texas would keep tabs on private gun sales but did voice concerns about how some firearms could wind up in the wrong hands.

Big Tech executives were invited to speak with the Governor after he called for a crackdown on websites that violent extremists use to conduct their operations.

Executives from Google, Facebook and Twitter left the meeting before reporters were let back into the room. They were invited by Abbott after he called for a crackdown on internet sites used by violent extremists. This was spurred by the reports of the El Paso murderer posting a deranged political memo right before carrying out this atrocity.

According to Abbot, the companies offered several training programs for both users and law enforcement to detect individuals who may pose threats and prevent potential attacks.

Gun Owners of America’s Texas chapter organized a rally outside the Capitol before Abbott’s meeting to protest the “red flag” gun confiscation laws being floated after the El Paso shooting. The group also criticized any efforts to monitor social media that might have come about from these discussions.

The fact that a supposedly conservative governor such as Abbot is entertaining the idea of gun control should concern gun activists in the Lone Star State.

Groups like GOA will  have to play a crucial role during the 2021 legislative session to prevent Abbott and his colleagues from potential selling out on the issue of gun control.



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