Bezos’ Cringey Texts Allegedly Leaked by Brother of His Mistress

Private investigators probing the source of Jeff Bezos’s leaked text messages are said to be tying the leak to the brother of his mistress.

This contrasts with claims that the texts were surveilled and leaked by elements with the U.S government as punishment for the billionaire oligarch’s opposition to President Trump.

Bezos has threatened to sue the National Enquirer for publishing some of the text messages. If the texts were provided by the brother of news anchor Lauren Sanchez, with who Bezos was having an adulterous affair, his plans to sue the media outlet for their publication could be complicated.

Messages in which Bezos composed love poems have already been released. The Enquirer has alluded to releasing even more of the Amazon founder’s messages to his lover, including his dick pics and shirtless selfies, if email logs with National Enquirer executives released by Bezos are to be believed.

Michael Sanchez, Lauren’s brother, has already spoken about communicating with the National Enquirer before Bezos’s texts were released.

Although the private investigators hired by Bezos are discounting the possibility of federal surveillance agencies obtaining the messages, they suspect that Michael Sanchez may have been motivated to do so by the oligarch’s strong opposition to President Donald Trump.

It’s possible that Bezos could seek to sue Sanchez instead of the National Enquirer, attributing his leak of Bezos’s embarrassing private information to political motives. Sanchez has described himself as a “gay man, a Hispanic, a West Hollywood homeowner and strong supporter of Trump,” in addition to condemning the circulation of “fake news,” commonly created by mainstream media outlets such as the Bezos-owned Washington Post. 

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