Bezos’ Ex-Wife Didn’t Want WaPo, Left it With Him

The ex-wife of the world’s richest man willfully turned over her shares of The Washington Post to her ex-husband during the couple’s divorce settlement.

“Grateful to have finished the process of dissolving my marriage with Jeff with support from each other and everyone who reached out to us with kindness, and looking forward to the next phase as co-parents and friends,” MacKenzie Bezos said in a statement on Twitter.

She and ex-husband Jeff Bezos split after he was caught in a bizarre sexting scandal, during which his lewd texts were allegedly leaked by the brother of his mistress. Bezos is the founder and CEO of Amazon, which owns The Washington Post, a blog known for burying sexual assault claims levied against Democratic Party politicians and spreading the RussiaGate conspiracy theory.

This week, WaPo downplayed the allegations of inappropriate physical conduct made against former Vice President Joe Biden, who is a serial inappropriate toucher.

Bezos’ ex-wife wanted no part of the left-wing rag.

“Happy to be giving [Jeff] all of my interests in the Washington Post and Blue Origin, and 75% of our Amazon stock plus voting control of my shares to support his continued contributions with the teams of these incredible companies,” she said. “Excited about my own plans. Grateful for the past as I look forward to what comes next.”

Blue Origin is Bezos’ aerospace company.

According to CNBC, “MacKenzie will retain shares representing about 4 percent of Amazon’s outstanding common stock,” which represents $35.6 billion.

Bezos is still the richest man in the world, despite the financial blow.

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