Bezos-Owned Washington Post Wants “To Give The Elites A “Bigger Say In Choosing The President” By Ending Primaries

A Washington Post opinion column published Wednesday displayed the legacy outlet’s unabashed elitism, calling to give “elites a bigger say” in presidential election processes.

The column, originally titled “It’s time to give the elites a bigger say in choosing the president,” was written by Marquette University professor Julia Azari.

Azari expresses her desire to see presidential primaries altered to “preference polls,” in which everyday voters would merely have the ability to express their preference for candidates. It appears as if in her model of primaries, the actual vote totals would be non-binding and meaningless; the people could merely make suggestions that would be approved or denied by a cabal of backroom party elites.

Establishment elites have called for such a change to the presidential nomination process before, in which party officials would essentially take control of primaries away from voters. Such proposals appear primed to gain steam after the rise of populist politicians such as Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, the latter of whom Azari points to as an argument for show primaries.

After a tidal wave of criticism, the title of the piece was changed to “It’s time to switch to preference primaries.”

The Washington Post is owned by Amazon oligarch Jeff Bezos, a global uber-billionaire known for his opposition to populists on the left and right such as Sanders and Trump. A proposal to strip voters of their primary election rights would serve his interests well, a sign that Azari’s piece may be more of a paid advertisement than a genuine political proposal.

Azari’s desire to do away with presidential primaries would fundamentally strip American citizens from choosing who they want for president. It would practically ensure the United States is changed from a democratic system to a naked oligarchy, in which billionaire elites such as Bezos are given full reign to dictate the results of nominal elections.

Her proposal isn’t entirely different than the show elections the Soviet Union and Communist China have been known for.

The Washington Post fixated its moralistic motto “Democracy Dies in Darkness” above the header of the arrogant opinion piece, blissfully unaware of the irony in making such a claim while proposing to strip American voters of their ability to choose presidential candidates.

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