Bezos Receives Bipartisan Criticism For Climate Change Hypocrisy

Bezos’ newest addition to his property portfolio.

Jeff Bezos, one of the chief beneficiaries of pandemic lockdowns and supporter of Hilary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential bid, has been under fire this past week or so for being one of the most stunningly hypocritical human beings in recorded human history, which is quite an achievement when one considers that he is contending with the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio.

According to Daily Mail, Bezos is receiving tremendous criticism for being egregiously out of touch and hypocritical by both the left and the right for flying to the Cop26 being held in Glasgow, Scotland in his $65 million private jet. Nadia Whittome, Labour MP for Nottingham East, called Bezos a “hypocrite” whilst former Republican Congressional candidate for Florida’s 24th District Lavern Spicer lambasted the founder of Amazon, saying that “While you’re busy at home turning off lights and keeping your thermostat down, Jeff Bezos’s $65m Gulf Stream just lead a parade of 400 private jets into COP26” as part of a barrage from the grassroots against the hypocrisy of the globalist elite that is flouted ever more brazenly with each passing year.

Bezos, keen on outdoing himself, went on to display a lack of awareness of the plight of the average human being that even Marie Antoinette would be envious of. In his remarks, Bezos shared with listeners how going up into space made him realize “how thin the globe’s atmosphere is”, seemingly forgetting that going into space is an experience not too many people would necessarily be able to relate to.

According to Summit News, Bezos even more recently displayed his climate change hypocrisy to the world once again by purchasing $78 million in oceanfront property in Hawaii. Indeed, the main secluded estate Bezos purchased spans around 14 acres on the island of Maui. According to prominent climate scientist Prof. Mark Maslin, joined in on blasting Bezos’ hypocrisy, saying that “There is something distasteful about a billionaire flying into COP26 on his private jet to tell the world they must stop climate change.” adding that ” I say let’s save the planet for the 7.9 billion normal people that live on Earth, not the super-rich who could put their money where their mouth is, but do not”

Apparently, Maslin also believes that Bezos’s newly-acquired mansion will be underwater within the next 20 years. Many have speculated that this either means that Bezos is thoroughly confident in humanity’s ability to combat climate change successfully over the next generation or that he does not buy into the narrative one bit. Bezos has yet to confirm which scenario is accurate.

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