Biased Left-Wing Witness Gets Humiliated by Judge at Derek Chauvin Murder Trial

A biased left-wing firefighter was dressed down in the court of law by a federal judge on Wednesday during the murder trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin.

Hennepin County Judge Peter Cahill humiliated Genevieve Hansen, an off-duty firefighter who watched in the crowd as serial felon George Floyd died, because of her incredibly unprofessional behavior toward the defense that was jeopardizing the integrity of the entire court proceeding.

“Ms. Hanson, I am advising you. Do not argue with counsel and specifically do not argue with the court,” he said.

“Are the cameras on?” she responded.

“No they are not, we are on the record. You will not argue with the court. You will not argue with counsel. They have the right to ask questions. Your job is to answer them,” Cahill said.

The exchange can be seen here:

A portion of Hansen’s disgraceful testimony can be seen here:

Big League Politics has reported on how the murder case against Chauvin is falling apart due to lack of evidence as jurors figure out ways to depart from the case:

Two jurors have been removed from the Derek Chauvin case following a $27 million payout to George Floyd’s family from the city of Minneapolis.

The jurors said that the massive payout biased them and prevented them from being impartial while considering the case. This happened after they were questioned about the settlement by Hennepin County District Court Judge Peter Cahill.

One dismissed juror was a Hispanic man in his 20s who claimed that the cash payout to Floyd’s family affected his ability to be impartial by “a lot.”

“So, last time I was asked about my strong opinions against Chauvin,” he said to Cahill. “Clearly the city of Minneapolis has some strong opinions, as well. And this just kind of confirms my opinions that I already had.”

The other dismissed juror was a white man in his 30s who stated that the “dollar amount was kind of shocking to me. That kind of sent the message that the city of Minneapolis felt that something was wrong and they wanted to make it right to the tune of that dollar amount.”

“I think in the headline if it would have said $2,000 versus $20 million, that’s a big change,” the juror said. “So I think that sticker price obviously shocked me and kind of swayed me a little bit, yes.”

Two other jurors told the judge that the news did not change their opinions or otherwise prejudice them regarding the case.

“I’ve been thinking about this question a lot. I don’t think so. It wasn’t surprising that the city made this settlement,” a female juror said. “I think they made their position clear when they decided to defund the police or take actions or steps towards that.”

“It hasn’t affected me at all because I don’t know the details,” a black male juror said. “I’m not a lawyer so obviously I don’t know what went into making that decision.”

If Chauvin is acquitted, cities across the country will burn once again. This is the new reality of diverse and multicultural America where the mob reigns supreme.

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