Bibi’s Inspiring Response To Tragedy

It is now known that 11 people were murdered at a Jewish house of worship. The shooting was carried out by a hateful maniac. The murderer had a long history of anti Semitism on social media.

In the aftermath, The President and Vice President released strong statements of condemnation. They also condemned the scourge of anti Semitism and hate.

The Prime Minister Of Israel weighed in on this tragedy. He personafied strength and the moral clarity he is famous for. Bibi’s excellent command of English was on full display. He has been a proud Western Leader for many years.

In a video statement Prime Minister Netanyahu expressed that he was “heartbroken and appalled” at the shooting attack at The Pittsburgh synagogue. “The entire people of Israel grieve with the families of the dead.” He continued “we stand together with The Jewish community of Pittsburgh, we stand together with the American people in the face of this horrendous anti Semitic brutality and we pray for the speedy recovery of the wounded.”

Netanyahu’s words reflect strength in the face of adversity. This quality is something he has demonstrated again and again. Bibi famously resisted Barack Obama’s pressure. He has also stood up to globalist bullies at the UN.

Fortunately, the president and Bibi have cultivated a good friendship. They are both leaders of Western Civilization. In the aftermath of this attack we are reminded of his oratory skills and compassion.

Like Giuliani after 9/11 Bibi is serving to comfort the victims of this attack. Bibi has shown compassion in the face of adversity before. As it says in Jewish scriptures there is nothing as whole as a broken heart.

These two leaders have shown that the West is United. In addition, they have shown we will not let evil maniacs take away our religious liberty and our freedoms.

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