Biden Administration Hamstringing Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” Policy After Court-Ordered Reinstatement

The Biden administration is slow-walking the full implementation of an immigration enforcement measure created by President Trump. The federal court system ordered Biden to reinstate the Remain in Mexico after it was determined the President unlawfully terminated the program, which requires illegal aliens to wait in Mexico for their asylum cases to be adjudicated before receiving legal US residency.

The Biden administration is only enrolling dozens of the thousands of illegal aliens who infiltrate the southern borders every day in the program, resettling and enabling the rest of the migrants who arrive. A Union official of  Customs and Border Patrol is accusing the Biden administration of ignoring the court order ordering the policy’s reinstatement in doing so.

I do not believe enrolling only 35 out of approximately 5,000 illegal border crossers per day is complying with the court order,” said Brandon Judd, President of the National Border Patrol Council, to the Daily Caller. The reinstated Remain in Mexico program, also known as the Migrant Protection Protocols, took legal effect on December 6th.

Another source within Congress pointed to the watered-down nature of the new Remain in Mexico program. “With a historic number of encounters at the southwest border, the Biden administration has not made a good faith effort to restart the ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy nor have they made meaningful attempts at addressing the border crisis they created,” a source told the Daily Caller. “Less than 40 migrants are enrolled in MPP daily.

Remain in Mexico was considered one of the most successful border security programs enacted by President Trump during his tenure on the presidential throne, successfully deterring illegal immigration from a fraction of the 2018 highs that saw the first massive “caravans” set out for the US border.

Former CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan pointed to the processing of 60,000 migrants through the program as a crucial deterrent to illegal immigration during the Trump administration, making it clear that arriving at the southern border as a purported family unit wouldn’t result in free US residency, public services, education, and citizenship. The United States has incurred record levels of illegal immigration under Biden, with the President acting to resettle the aliens throughout the country as opposed to enforcing immigration law.

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