Biden Administration Places Border Patrol Agents Defending Homeland Against Haitian Migrant Caravan on Administrative Leave

The Biden administration has placed Border Patrol agents who bravely confronted a caravan of Haitian illegal immigrants who sought to infiltrate the country last week on administrative leave, following progressive outrage that the migrants were apprehended.

Biden press secretary Jennifer Psaki announced that Border Patrol agents seen on camera arresting members of the Del Rio International Bridge migrant caravan would be placed on administrative leave pending an investigation on Wednesday.

Vice President Kamala Harris had previously voiced outrage at video of the mounted agents performing their duties, suggesting the illegal immigrants shouldn’t have been treated in a manner that held them accountable for border infiltration.

Establishment media had falsely accused Border Patrol agents of whipping Haitian migrants, seemingly under the impression that the caravan members should be allowed into the United States. The migrants in question had forded the Rio Grande River and sought to escape US authorities.

Pro-border security Texas Democrat Henry Cuellar defended the professionalism of Border Patrol agents, questioning the motives of open borders advocates. “What are they supposed to do, just stand there and let everybody come in?

The development amounts to the latest insult against the men and women of Customs and Border Patrol by the Biden administration, an agency increasingly relegated to babysitting illegal immigrants and performing administrative duties as the nation’s open borders are flouted by more illegal immigrants than any year in the nation’s history. Sources within CBP describe morale at all-time lows.

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