Biden Administration Planning ‘Massive’ Deportations of Haitian Illegal Immigrants at Texas Border

The Biden administration is reportedly preparing mass deportations of mostly Haitian illegal immigrants who have arrived in Del Rio, Texas, eyeing as many as eight deportation flights a day. An army of mostly Haitian illegals began fording the Rio Grande River in pursuit of US residency, public services and welfare benefits on Saturday, numbering more than ten thousand. The group is camped out under an international bridge separating Texas and Mexico.

An administration source informed the Associated Press that the Biden administration would begin between five and eight deportation flights a day to Haiti, reacting to the siege of the border at Del Rio. Business interests seeking the importation of cheap labor are said to oppose the deportations. The official in question reportedly referred to the deportation scheme as ‘massive.’ DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas still refuses to comment on the potential of deporting the illegal aliens.

The sheriff of Val Verde County has estimated the caravan to number almost 14,000 people, with more Haitian migrants traveling through Mexico. The Federal Aviation Administration has banned drone surveillance of the migrant camp at the bridge, in an attempt to stifle press coverage of the scene.

The development may represent increasing skepticism towards leaving the southern border open to unlimited immigration within the Biden administration. Officials dealing with matters of immigration have signaled consideration of restoring President Donald Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ asylum policy, which forced illegitimate asylum seekers to litigate their cases outside the borders of the United States without conditional residency.

With Biden set to break the all-time yearly record for illegal immigration, a dose of real immigration enforcement could be the first necessary in a long journey to shed beliefs that the borders of the United States are open to whomeve, whenever.

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