Biden Administration Spending $86 Million to House Illegal Aliens in Hotels

The Biden administration has finalized a contract to spend $86 million on hotel rooms for illegal aliens, with Axios breaking news of the migrant accommodations on Saturday.

Existing immigration detention facilities have proved insufficient to house the tidal wave of migrants arriving at the southern border, enticed by promises of citizenship, residency and welfare on the part of candidate and President Joe Biden. Even as ICE stages wide-ranging jailbreaks from immigration detention facilities, the capacity has been overwhelmed by the largest onslaught of illegal immigration in decades.

The money is being funneled to Endeavors, a Texas NGO, to house aliens in border states such as Arizona and Texas. The hotel rooms will reportedly be given to family units, who waited until Biden’s ascension to the presidential throne in order to claim asylum. Apparently, the migrants surging to the border since January couldn’t have made their claims for asylum earlier, with the Trump administration less likely to give away US residency.

Migrants arriving at the border are being released into American communities without so much as a court date, in a wholesale repudiation of US immigration law and border integrity.

Economic insecurity, homelessness and unemployment continue to devastate the lives of millions of Americans, with their government pivoting its focus to the plight of economic migrants seeking a cheap path to US residency at the southern border instead of its own citizens.

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