Asst. Health Secretary: We Should ‘Empower’ Kids With Puberty Blockers, Sex Reassignment Surgery

Biden’s Transgender Assistant Health Secretary, Rachel Levine, wants to gender transition your children. He also believes any legislation that prevents minors from obtaining sex changes are “politically motivated attacks.”

During a Monday airing of MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports, Levine was invited to discuss COVID-19, Monkeypox, and transgender children.

“You asked people to make medical decisions on real data and compassion, rather than slander,” Mitchell said to Levine in reference to the Health Secretary’s recently published op-ed in the Miami Herald.

“They have more mental health issues,” Levine responded. “But there’s nothing inherent about being transgender or gender-diverse which would predispose youth to depression or anxiety.”

Of course, this assertion is false. Transgender youth provably have underlying mental health issues that could be what is fueling their dysphoria. Moreover, elevated distress amongst transgender children does not solely stem from harassment and bullying.

Then Levine said that transgender children are victims of “politically motivated attacks through state actions.” And was likely referring to a recent block that a federal court in Tennessee put on the Biden administration’s interpretation of a law that conflates gender identity with biological sex.

Thanks to the ruling, female athletes will be protected from being forced to compete against males in 20 states. This block likely is what the Health Secretary was referring to because Levine also said during his interview that he does not “want to limit” the participation of biologically male transgender minors in female sports, or “even limit their ability to get gender-affirmation treatment in their state.”

Levine later went on to encourage Americans to “empower” kids to get on puberty blockers along with sex reassignment surgery. He, like President Joe Biden, wants to push kids battling gender dysphoria into altering their bodies as soon as possible. All while smearing anyone who questions the movement as a bigot, homophobe, and or transphobe.

As expected, many conservatives on Twitter – including some leftists – chimed in to denounce this frightening trend from the Biden administration.

“Levine transitioned in his mid-50s after a lengthy marriage that produced two children,” Independent Women’s Network host Ginney Gentles wrote. “Yet he’s aggressively pushing a ‘gender affirmation’ agenda that sterilizes emotionally vulnerable children and robs them of the family formation opportunity he had. Leave kids alone.”

The White House is clearly pushing for a permanent solution for a temporary issue. And aiming to silence or smear its critics during the process.

Levine does not have data to support that medical transitions are necessary, and it’s abysmal that no one in the mainstream media – especially MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell – will even dare question him on his motivations.

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