Biden at South Carolina Debate: 150 MILLION People Killed By Guns Since 2007

Joe Biden’s latest slip of the tongue occurred during the South Carolina Democratic Debate on Tuesday. The former Vice President was discussing gun violence in America when he massively overstated casualties of the phenomenon, stating that “150 million” people have died as a result of gun violence since 2007.

Such a claim maintains that more Americans have been killed by gun violence since 2007 than people were killed in both World War I and World War II combined.

Even the most committed of gun control supporters would be hard-pressed to deny that such a claim is the most extreme of exaggerations. It’s possible Biden was intending to say that 150,000 people have been killed through the use of guns since that year, a figure that includes suicides as a majority of casualties.

In any case, even if Biden didn’t mean to include the inflated numerical category, the slip of the tongue demonstrates his propensity towards exaggeration on the topic of gun violence in America. He was one of several Democrats attacking Bernie Sanders from the left on the topic of guns, claiming the Vermont Senator(who actually supports every far-left gun control proposition commonly proposed, including making gun manufacturers liable for the actions of criminals) was too conservative on the issue.

Biden was making the claim as part of an argument to hold gun manufacturers accountable for casualties criminals inflict with their products. Such a proposal would almost certainly result in the destruction of tens of thousands of American jobs and potentially serve as a backdoor restriction on the commercial sale of new firearms throughout the country.

This seems to be his latest slip of the tongue. Biden falsely stated that he was running for the U.S Senate at a campaign event just Monday night.

In any case, it doesn’t appear as if the Democratic primary field has any candidates willing to argue for nuance and moderation against calls to eliminate the American firearms industry wholesale.