Biden Calls Donald Trump Supporters Protesting Pennsylvania Event “Chumps”

Joe Biden exploded over a group of Donald Trump supporters picketing an outdoor campaign event in Pennsylvania on Saturday, calling the peaceful protestors “chumps” for seemingly disrupted his event. Demonstrators were standing on the side of the road next to his event, holding pro-Trump signs and referencing the Biden laptop scandal during the Democrat’s event in Bucks County.

In ironic fashion, the former Vice President then went directly on to opine how he would govern as a uniting force for the country, once again calling the Trump supporters present “chumps” in saying that he’d be a president for them.

The rattled Democrat would go on to leave the mini-rally a short time later. He’s appeared increasingly rattled and agitated at his latest campaign events, and has returned to form in committing a series of unforced mental errors and gaffes. He said that the Democratic Party has “the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud operation” during another Saturday campaign event.

Some likened Biden’s error to Hillary’s infamous “basket of deplorables” remark in 2016, when the then-Democrat candidate revealed her contempt for working-class white Americans.

This guy tends to have a lot of problems when he’s forced to deviate from a planned stump script. Just imagine the endless serious of gaffes if he’s elected President.

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