Biden Calls For Second Stimulus “A Hell of a Lot Bigger” Than $2 Trillion

Joe Biden called for a second stimulus bailout in the wake of the coronavirus recession in an interview with Politico published on Saturday, claiming that the economy needs a stimulus that is a “hell of a lot bigger” than the $2 trillion CARES Act that was signed into law last month.

Biden said that the country needs a “trillion-dollar infrastructure program that can be implemented really rapidly,” that would be focused upon “dealing with environmental things that create good-paying jobs.”

Biden’s call for an enviromentally-oriented stimulus package sounds similar to appeals from more progressive Democrats to utilize the coronavirus recession to pass sweeping environmental packages such as the Green New Deal. New York progressive congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stated that she “loved to see” the American oil and energy industry struggling in the wake of the recession and declining gas prices, openly stating that she wants to use the crisis as a means to advance her environmental agenda.

The former Vice President seemed to adopt rhetoric from some of his progressive primary opponents such as Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, taking a page out of the books of the populist Democrats by accusing the Trump administration of setting up lacking oversight for the stimulus package. He reiterated a false talking point from mainstream media operatives, claiming President Trump is delaying payments to small businesses to place his name on checks. “The guy waits to hold up money because he wants to make sure his name is on the checks!

Biden has struggled to remain a relevant figure in the national political arena in the midst of the pandemic. His sudden marketing of more drastic Democratic policy views, that resemble the Green New Deal, may be little more than an attempt to make noise.

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