Biden Calls for the Overthrow of Syrian Leader Bashar al-Assad

During a private fundraising event with Syrian American activists in late June, President Joe Biden called for the overthrow of Syrian strongman Bashar al-Assad.

Per neoconservative pundit Josh Rogin, Biden said at this event in Maryland that “Assad must go” in a statement reflecting the United States’ regime change intentions for the embattled Levantine state. 

Rogin claimed that these activists “took advantage of their audience with Biden… to implore him to do more to oppose” the Assad regime.

A Syrian American resident from Massachusetts, Alla Tello, boldly said to Biden that “Assad must go. Biden replied “I agree.” Biden’s statement reflected that of his previous boss Barack Obama. Then-president Obama prosecuted a regime change effort against Assad during the Syrian Civil War that kicked off in 2011, after the Arab Spring destabilized Syria among other Arab countries. 

The ensuing chaos of this conflict saw Al-Qaeda and Islamic State fighters make attempts to fill in power vacuums across the country. These terrorist actors often saw their efforts fortuitously supported by the likes of the US, the United Kingdom, France, Israel, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey. 

Iran and Russia, alongside the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah, came to the aid of Assad and helped crush any meaningful opposition to the Assad regime. 

The US Deep State is obsessed with taking out the Assad regime along with other regimes that don’t bend the knee to Uncle Sam. After all, the US regime is committed to remaking the rest of the world in its dysfunctional image. On top of that, its national security state is captured by Zionist interests who perceive any country that dares challenge Israel as a major threat. 

These factors, among others, contributed to the fanatic hatred of Syria’s current regime. 

Unless, there’s a regime change in the US where America First nationalists fully take power in Washington and impose a realist/non-interventionist foreign policy agenda, there will be more destabilization and greater conflict promoted by the likes of Uncle Sam abroad.

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