Biden Campaign Requests Debate Bathroom Breaks, Denies Request to Check for Earpieces

Two strange revelations regarding the Biden campaign have surfaced in the hours before the first presidential debate in Cleveland, Ohio.

The Biden campaign has reportedly requested that the candidate be given several “breaks,” occurring every 30 minutes into the debate. The Trump campaign has denied this request. Presidential debates have never included “breaks” for the candidates before, and the Biden campaign’s request for this provision casts doubt on the endurance capabilities of the 77-year old Democrat. Biden would be the oldest President to be sworn in on Inauguration Day by far if he wins in November, taking office at the ripe age of 78 years old.

The Biden campaign has also reneged on an earlier agreement between the two campaigns in which both candidates would be inspected for the presence of an earpiece during the debates. Biden has proven to be heavily reliant on the use of teleprompters for his rare campaign speeches, and some suspect he’ll be receiving tips from an outside source through the use of an earpiece during the debate.

The earlier agreement to check for the presence of earpieces has been broken. There will be no way to tell conclusively, but maybe Joe Biden will be receiving help from a lifeline during the debate.

Radio host Todd Starnes has also reported that Joe Biden has been provided the questions for tonight’s debate in advance. Fox News’ Chris Wallace is moderating the contest, and is known for a preference for the liberal sympathies harbored by some in Fox’s executive leadership.

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