Biden DOD Spokesman John Kirby Calls Climate Change ‘A National Security Issue’

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The sun monster is falling! Prepare yourselves — a new video from a White House press conference Tuesday showed Biden Department of Defense spokesman John Kirby speaking out against ‘climate change’ as a “national security issue.”

A White House reporter prompted Kirby’s words after he asked if the DOD spokesman believes that ‘climate change’ is a national security threat and “emergency.”

“The Pentagon has noted not just in this administration, but even the previous one, that climate change is a national security issue,” Kirby said in his response.

“Not only does it affect our infrastructure…you’re already starting to see military bases, like Norfolk Naval Base, having to invest millions of dollars to try to improve their infrastructure because of rising sea levels,” Kirby claimed. “It has an impact on our readiness because you’re seeing it now, even in the wildfires where so many National Guardsmen are being called out.”

Big League Politics has covered numerous instances of fear-mongering by the Left over ‘climate change’ in the past. A report in November featured the famous climate hoaxer Al Gore, who proudly touted a new technology designed to monitor, track, and ultimately punish those he deems to be destroying the planet through their emissions.

According to Kirby, soldiers of the United States Military are directly impacted by climate change as certain missions require deployments into areas with natural disasters such as wildfire. Kirby believes these are all cause by climate change.

“There’s an impact on our own readiness because our troops, our sailors, our Marines, our airmen, our Coast Guardsmen are being called out to respond to natural disasters which are getting worse because of climate change,” Kirby told reporters.

Kirby concluded his argument, claiming that changing weather vastly alters the course of various military missions, sometimes spurring conflict that could have been avoided through the “instability” it creates, such as the past drought in Syria.

“It can drive military missions and force the military to become involved in places, and at times, where they wouldn’t have had to, otherwise.”

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