Biden Family Struggles to Open Confetti Cannon in New Year’s Eve Appearance

Joe and Jill Biden struggled to deploy a confetti cannon during an appearance on ABC’s New Year’s Eve broadcast, with the device failing. It looked like Jill Biden might’ve broke the contraption in the awkward video.

Watch the footage here:

The Biden family appears to have opted for the confetti cannon as an alternative to a bottle of champagne.

It’s not really meaningful or a big deal, but from time to time there’s something to be said about coincidences and twists of fate. Some of the more superstitious might be concerned about their luck in 2021 after such a start to the year.

“Better luck in the New Year.”

Maybe the Biden family is going to need it. Biden appears slated to sweep into the presidency on little more than harnessing opposition to Trump and concern about coronavirus. It might prove more difficult for the legacy establishment politician to enact a governing agenda and accomplish anything without the specter of President Donald Trump in the room.

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