Biden FLIPS OUT At Reporter Who Questions $450k Payments to Illegal Immigrants

President Joe Biden lashed out in response to a question from a reporter seeking to clarify White House confusions over pending $450k payments for illegal immigrants on Saturday, raising his voice in opposition to policies on the part of Donald Trump’s administration enforcing immigration laws and detaining illegal alien minors and adults in separate facilities.

Biden aggressively raised his voice when referencing parents who “lost their child,” declining to admit that significant percentages of so-called illegal alien families who cross the border are found to be posing as family units. Human smugglers and drug traffickers routinely cross the border with children as fake “families” with hopes of getting amnesty and residency privileges in the United States from federal authorities.

Biden had previously claimed that Wall Street Journal reports of $450k payments for illegal aliens was “garbage,” with bureaucrats of his own administration rushing to quickly correct him. Biden admitted the illegals stand to reap a windfall in compensation, correcting his previous remarks and admitting the DOJ would make the settlement. It’s expected that the settlements will ultimately include hundreds of thousands of dollars to illegals, with some supposed illegal alien families receiving millions of dollars from the US taxpayer.

Lawyers for the Department of Homeland Security and the DOJ have resigned from representing the federal government as liberal bureaucrats arrange the hefty payments to illegals in a settlement regarding lawsuits that are baseless.

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