Biden Forgets the Office He’s Running For AGAIN… “I’m Running As A Proud Democrat… For the SENATE”

Joe Biden forgot that he’s running for President for at least the second time during an Ohio campaign speech on Monday, flawlessly stating that he is “running as a proud Democrat… for the Senate.”

This is the second time that Biden has made this exact mistake during campaign appearances. He announced that he was running for the United States Senate during a primary event in South Carolina.

My name’s Joe Biden, I’m a Democratic candidate for the United States Senate…


At times, the man does not know what state he’s in, what office he’s running for, and makes bizarre errors in his mostly telemprompter-fed digital campaign appearance such as claiming that he first arrived in the Senate 180 years ago.

Biden’s confusing behavior frequently suggests that he is in severe cognitive decline, with serious memory and acuity problems. Installing an individual with such problems into the office of the presidency would surely be a disaster, unless his handlers were hoping to install his Vice President in the highest office in the land as quickly as possible with the campaign friendly face out of the way.

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