Biden Gives Another Billion to Ukraine

The Biden regime has announced additional aid to Ukraine, helping keep the conflict going longer so defense contractors can cash out.

The Ukrainian government is cratering and is no longer self-sufficient so they need need an additional billion from the Uncle Sam in order to keep their façade of power going a little while longer. 

The new package will include $800 million in military assistance and an additional $500 million in economic assistance. Some of the money will be spent to give additional salaries to government bureaucrats who serve at the pleasure of gay porno dancer Volodymyr Zelensky.

“We will never fail in our determination to defend freedom and oppose tyranny,” Biden said during his announcement of the giveaway, adding that weaponry will be sent “directly to the front lines of freedom to the fearless and skilled Ukrainian fighters who are standing in the breach.”

Zelensky is happy that his psychotic blood lust for World War 3 can continue thanks to support from the U.S. government.

“I’m grateful to [Biden] and [the American] people for the leadership in supporting the people of Ukraine in the fight against Russian aggression,” he said in a tweet. 

“This help is needed today more than ever! It saves the lives of our defenders of democracy and freedom and brings us closer to restoring peace in Ukraine,” he added.

Big League Politics has reported on the puppet government in Ukraine getting major support from the globalists to keep Ukrainians dying in a war they cannot possibly win:

Not too long after the globalist-backed color revolution coup installed a new regime in Ukraine, the government brought on Rothschild as an advisor to strengthen their ties with the international financial system.

Ukraine brought Rothschild on board to their finance ministry in 2017 at the same time they had Citi, Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan handle their bonds. It is said Rothschild was hired to “manage medium-term debt liabilities.”

After the coup took place, Ukraine was immediately put on the dole of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). They took $8.4 billion from the IMF in 2014, supposedly to help their economy recover from a recession, but in all likelihood, it was actually a globalist payout to the new coup government for a job well done.

Amidst the Ukraine/Russia conflict, the IMF and their partners at the World Bank are once again papering over the Ukraine coup government with major cash. They are preparing a $3 billion aid package to Ukraine to keep their government propped up as NATO expansion becomes more of a possibility.

“At the World Bank Group, we are preparing a $3 billion package of support in the coming months, starting with a fast-disbursing budget support operation for at least $350 million that will be submitted to the Board for approval this week, followed by $200 million in fast-disbursing support for health and education,” the globalist institutions announced.

“This package will include the mobilization of financing from several development partners, and we welcome the already-announced support from many bilateral partners,” they added.

The propaganda regarding Ukraine’s puppet regime makes the propaganda about Afghanistan’s puppet regime look sane and reasonable by comparison. The military-industrial complex is out of control and must be stopped.

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