Biden Infrastructure Plan Set to Pass House Includes Amnesty for Eight Million Illegal Immigrants

Thousands of Haitian migrants began efforts to cross the Rio Grande into Del Rio, Texas, from Ciudad Acuna. Paul Ratje /Getty Images / TNS

A Democrat “Build Back Better” infrastructure plan nearing passage in the House of Representatives as of Friday night would provide amnesty to eight million illegal aliens, creating a system in which the Secretary of  the Department of Homeland Security would grant “parole” to illegals who have been in the country since 2011. The amnesty program will provide the millions with green cards and eventually American citizenship, serving to even further debase the value of United States citizenship through free giveaways to those who flouted the nation’s laws.

The amnesty plan in the infrastructure bill is the Democratic Party’s third attempt to provide free US residency to illegal aliens in recent month, with the Senate Parliamentarian shooting down two proposals to amnesty millions of illegals deemed “essential workers” as unconstitutional last month.

Reports suggest that the Biden infrastructure package is slated to pass the House on Friday night with Republican support, with rumors suggesting the largest immigration amnesty in the history of the United States would receive as many as 10 to 15 Republican votes.

After two purely budget-related reconciliation amnesties were shot down by Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough, the party appears to be willing to move ahead in defiance of the nonpartisan legislative advisor with the amnesty plan. Joe Manchin has said he won’t vote for legislation that seeks to override the Parliamentarian, with such proposals likely to incur serious legal challenges if ever signed into law.

The amnesty would likely serve as a de facto invitation for millions more illegal immigrants, coming just months after the Biden broke the all-time single year record for illegal immigration under any President.

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