Biden Opens Floodgates to Hundreds of Thousands of Refugees in Midst of Pandemic

President Joe Biden confirmed on Thursday that he’d sign an executive order to dramatically increase refugee admissions, speaking at a State Department event following the confirmation of his Secretary of State nominee, Anthony Blinken.

President Donald Trump had imposed restrictions on the annual admissions of refugees throughout his presidency, most recently shelving refugee resettlement even further on account of the coronavirus pandemic.

Biden plans on boosting refugee resettlement levels to as many as 125,000 in his first fiscal year, an almost sevenfold increase on the most recent ceiling of refugee resettlement levels of 18,000.

Refuge resettlement has been criticized as a waste of resources that deter refugees from returning home after times of war. The cost of resettling refugees in the United States is far more expensive than working with international partners to provide them safe haven closer to their home nations, a policy that’s proved more effective in enabling them to eventually return home.

Center for Immigration Studies analysis has determined that the admission of the average refugee under the program’s standards will ultimately cost the American taxpayer by $60,000 throughout their lifetime. It’s likely that this figure will grow even greater during Biden’s presidency, as the federal government moves to bring in as many refugees as possible-including those with dubious claims of persecution.

Global travel has also contributed to the spread of coronavirus, raising concerns about the safety of the program at a time when many nations have shuttered similar programs.

The refugee resettlement program is also ripe with fraud, on the part of those enrolled into it and the contractors paid by the federal government to resettle them.

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