Biden Receives Cold Welcome in New Jersey Post-Tropical Storm, Afghanistan

President Joe Biden was met with large crowds of protestors in deep-blue New Jersey as he surveyed damage from Hurricane Ida, in a display that surprised Democrats who expected a warm welcome in the state Biden easily won in November.

Biden toured a flooded neighborhood of Mansville, New Jersey, where he met the most opposition- from residents and community members who spoke to him from behind barriers and yard fences. Biden also toured a flooded neighborhood in the Queens borough of New York City.

Biden protestors demanded that the president resigned, likening him to a tyrant.

Protestors were mainly incensed at President Biden for the American debacle in Afghanistan, where American citizens and billions in military equipment were left behind as the US-backed puppet government capitulated to the Taliban in mere days.

A crew of construction workers turned their back to the President as he drove by on a highway.

Biden chalked up his cold welcome on what some might call his home turf to supposed climate change denialism, but none of the residents who protested the President brought up the topic. Community members experiencing the worst of the tropical storm weren’t interested in litigating the issue, rather pointing out Biden’s failure to competently withdraw US forces from Afghanistan.

City intersections were filled with protestors waving anti-Biden and pro-Donald Trump flags as Biden drove through the city.

Biden’s approval ratings have plummeted in reaction to an open southern border, the disastrous Afghanistan situation, and the inability of the federal government to blunt the coronavirus epidemic despite Biden offering disease control as his signature campaign promise.

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