Biden Regime Announces Cyber Attacks on Russia In Response to SolarWinds Hack

President-imposed Joe Biden has announced that he will conduct cyber attacks on Russia in response to the SolarWinds hack that has been widely attributed to Russia by the fake news media and deep state spooks.

Biden will impose sanctions on Russia, strengthen American security systems, and perform clandestine actions that will further inflame tensions between the countries. The defense contractors who overwhelmingly supported Biden for president have to be happy with their return on investment.

Russia denies they were behind the attacks, and no real evidence has been produced by the intelligence community showing they were at fault.

“We will continue to systematically and resolutely defend our national interests and rebuff aggression,” said Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova.

Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) has contended that Microsoft’s failure to account for weaknesses in their software led to the attack that jeopardized over 100 U.S. companies and nine government agencies.

“The federal government spends billions on Microsoft software,” Wyden said to Reuters before a SolarWinds hearing last week in the House of Representatives.

“It should be cautious about spending any more before we find out why the company didn’t warn the government about the hacking technique that the Russians used, which Microsoft had known about since at least 2017,” he added.

Big League Politics has reported on Biden implementing an America Last foreign policy to provoke Russia:

Elections have consequences, and the installation of President-imposed Joe Biden is a gift to corporate defense contractors, the deep state, and military-industrial complex.

Biden has put four Air Force B-1 bombers in the Norwegian skies to send a message to Russian President Vladimir Putin that if he does not acquiesce to globalist prerogatives, hellfire will rain down upon his people from the skies.

In addition, 200 American troops will be removed from Texas and stationed in Orland Air Base in Norway. They will be performing missions and training exercises in the Arctic Circle and in airspace near Russia’s northwest coast. This could further provoke the Russians and make war a real possibility.

Although Biden threw Putin a bone by extending the START treaty for an additional five years, he has made it clear that Russia must be punished for being falsely accused by Democrats of election meddling in 2016.

“At the same time, I made it clear to President Putin, in a manner very different from my predecessor, that the days of the United States rolling over in the face of Russia’s aggressive actions interfering with our elections, cyber attacks, poisoning its citizens, are over,” Biden said.

Biden is demanding that agitator Alexei Navalny be freed, attempting to impose his will on Russia as the U.S. assumes the familiar role of world police. 

“Mr. Navalny, like all Russian citizens, is entitled to his rights under the Russian constitution,” Biden said. “He’s been targeted for exposing corruption. He should be released immediately and without condition.”

Elections have consequences, and Biden’s rise to the presidency will mean more deaths throughout the world.

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