Biden DOJ Hits Maryland Constitutional Sheriff with Federal Charges for Alleged Firearms Conspiracy

A prominent Constitutional sheriff recently re-elected in Maryland has been hit with specious federal charges for an alleged conspiracy to acquire machine guns.

The Biden Department of Justice (DOJ) announced charges against Sheriff Chuck Jenkins of Frederick County, Md. and alleged accomplice on Wednesday. Jenkins has been an outspoken supporter of President Trump, a defender of the rule of law and a fierce opponent of the gun control. And now he is being targeted by Biden’s apparatchiks on what appears to be completely bogus and ridiculous charges.

“A federal grand jury has returned an indictment charging Charles Austin Jenkins, age 66, of Thurmont, Maryland, and Robert Justin Krop, age 36, of Frederick, Maryland, with conspiracy and false statements in order to acquire machineguns. Krop is also charged with illegal possession of machineguns. No court appearance is scheduled for the defendants at this time,” the DOJ’s press release announced.

Jenkins faces as much as 5 years in prison based on these charges. He is vehemently denying their legitimacy and believes he will ultimately be vindicated after this entire farce unwinds.

“I have full confidence in the system, and I know that my innocence will prevail at the end of all of this and that I will be found not guilty,” Jenkins said in a statement earlier this week announcing his leave of absence while the trial is underway.

Jenkins has spoken against sanctuary jurisdictions for criminal illegal aliens, has testified before Congress on safety, supports parents whose children were murdered by criminal illegal aliens and correctly predicted that without a secure border every county will be ‘a border county.’ Jenkins also said that Biden’s immigration actions will make the U.S. less safe. With the federal witch hunt against Jenkins underway, the Biden regime has a chance to silence one of the most credible opponents of their agenda for good.

Jenkins is being targeted by U.S. Attorney Erek Barron, a veteran Democrat operative whose past would indicate a complete inability to be objective. Barron was nominated by Joe Biden to United States Attorney for the District of Maryland in 2021. He launched “” in April 2019, officially endorsed Biden for President in 2019, served as a member of former President Obama’s transition team, and was Biden’s counsel and policy adviser when he was a U.S. Senator.

This has all the hallmarks of another scam being used to destroy a political dissident, as America morphs from a free Republic into a Soviet-style police state. Jenkins will be fighting in the court of law to repel Biden tyranny and vindicate his reputation.

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