Biden Regime Is Spending Millions To Protect Foreign Countries’ Borders As the US’s Border Collapses

The Biden regime has spent millions of American taxpayer dollars protecting the borders of foreign countries while millions of illegal alien invaders have blown past America’s southern border over the last few years, per a report by the Daily Caller.

In the past few months, the State Department has spent millions of dollars for programs to bolster border security in countries such as Iraq, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Serbia, Georgia, Angola, Kenya, Algeria, Somalia, Armenia, Paraguay and Jordan, according to records from federal grants. As the Biden regime has spent millions protecting foreign borders, federal immigration law enforcement has reported large numbers of migrants crossing into the US, in addition to enough fentanyl to kill over 100 million people.

“It’s insane that this country has been sending money all over the world to secure everyone else’s border for years while leaving ours wide open,” Texas Congressman Chip Roy said to the Daily Caller. “This is the kind of stuff that destroys countries and it’s a primary reason why the American people rightly hate what goes on in Washington,” he added.

In September 2023, the State Department handed out  $4.9 million with the aim of allegedly improving the “border security capabilities” of Kenya and Somalia by supplying  border and immigration enforcement  officials in the East African countries with training, equipment and mentorship, per the findings in the grant records. On top of that the department spent close to $1 million to train border guards in Iraq and Jordan, per a grant disclosure. 

On top of training border guards for foreign countries, American taxpayers had to fork over cash for helping other countries stop the influx of crime across their borders.

The Biden regime gave the green light to roughly $3 million in funding to back programs in Kazakhstan, Georgia, and Indonesia with the aim of helping the Asian states confront certain forms of border crime, per grant records.

Kazakhstan’s program has the goal of lowering “border-related crime” by bolstering the country’s ability to find crimes on its aerial, terrestrial and maritime borders. The grant dealing with Indonesia aimed to reduce organized crime, smuggling, and piracy operations. Georgia’s program has the goal of cracking down on criminal networks embroiled in transnational crimes.

The Daily Caller report highlighted the other countries that received these government funds:

“Other recent border security grants the Biden administration approved include $500,000 in border security aid to Iraq, over $1 million to aid Serbia, $295,000 for Angola, $2.3 million for border security trainings in Algeria, $400,000 to strengthen border security in Armenia and $2.1 million to improve Paraguay’s border security.”

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has recorded roughly 3 million migrant encounters at the southern border between the 2023 fiscal year and the first five months of the 2024 fiscal year.

From October 2023 and March 2024, Border Patrol agents reported confiscating 6,664 pounds of Marijuana, 995 pounds of cocaine, 3000 pounds of meth, and 566 pounds of Fentanyl. It just takes 2 milligram of Fentanyl to kill an individual, according to research from the Drug Enforcement Agency. 

The Daily Caller highlighted that Border Patrol has confiscated enough fentanyl to “kill everyone in California more than two times over.”

This is the real national security threat that the ruling class must address if it wants to get things sorted out in the US. For this to happen, an America First ruling must be in power to ensure that nationalist reforms such as immigration restriction are implemented. 

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